Feeling the Burn? So Are These 5 Cats Doing Crunches.

Hey, fitness is hard work!

Like just about everyone else, I’m on the beginning-of-the-year fitness bandwagon.

Luckily, I’m not alone in my pain. These 5 cats have all jumped on board with the “New Year, New Me” mentality. In fact, watching these struggling cats reminds me a lot of myself going through the stages of starting an exercise program.

1. This kitty reminds me of when I was just starting out, and I needed help. A lot of help.

By: Battle Athlete/YouTube

2. Here’s the next stage. At least I’m on my own, but there’s a lot more rolling back and forth than there is crunching.

By: Miso Milic/YouTube

3. After some time goes by, I can do a few good crunches on my own… But it’s exhausting.

By: People's Daily/YouTube
By: People’s Daily/YouTube

4. Now, following a lot of practice, we’re focused and in the groove.

By: Eric Moyer/YouTube
By: Eric Moyer/YouTube

5. At long last, we’re GREAT at crunches!

By: Cody Lewis/YouTube

It’s nice to see I have some feline company to sweat along with me!

Melissa Smith

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Melissa Smith, discussions manager for Petful, has been researching and writing about pet behaviors for several years. A longtime pet lover, she lives in Massachusetts with her teenage son, their cat Harrison and the spirit of their German shepherd named Gypsy. Melissa is pursuing a bachelor’s degree in multimedia design and hopes to adopt as many needy animals as she can.

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