This Cat With “2 Faces” Is Purrfectly Adorable

Isn't Yvette special? One of her Scottish Fold parents was orange, and the other was gray. Yvette got the best of both worlds.

A woman named Veronica from Russia was searching for just the right kitten to adopt when she discovered Yvette, also known as Ivi. The kitten’s parents were Scottish Folds — 1 orange and 1 gray. Yvette lucked up and was blessed with symmetrical markings from both of them, separated right down the middle of her face.

Along with her beauty, Yvette has a sweet personality. She’s friendly, good with children and “likes to steal food from the table,” Veronica says.

Getting a good photo of her is a challenge. “To photograph Yvette beautifully is hard,” she tells I Heart Cats. “She has a very hard look.”

Veronica jokes: “Sometimes it [looks like] she wants to kill someone.”

You can follow Ivi on Instagram.

Source: I Heart Cats

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