Angry Man Calls Emergency Services After Cat Eats His Bacon

This was an actual emergency call — and he wanted to press charges.

By: isfullofcrap
“It’s my bacon now!” By: isfullofcrap

Emergency personnel have to deal with numerous 911 calls each year over trivial matters that aren’t true emergencies.

A perfect example comes from West Yorkshire County, England recently: The caller explained to the operator that he wanted to press charges because his girlfriend had just let her cat eat his bacon.

The operator, who couldn’t seem to believe what she was hearing, proceeded to ask: Who does he want arrested, the girlfriend or the cat? The man’s answer: “Both of them.”

Here’s an edited transcript:

Operator: “West Yorkshire Police, what’s the emergency?”

Caller: “My girlfriend has let the cat eat my bacon.”

Operator: “Sorry?”

Caller: “My girlfriend let the cat eat my bacon.”

Operator: “Right. OK. What would you like the police to do…?

Caller: “I want to press charges.”

Operator: “Against whom? Your girlfriend or the cat?”

Caller: “Both of them.”

Operator: “Right. Sir, it’s not a criminal offense to let your cat eat your bacon. OK? And we don’t arrest cats, I’m very sorry.”

Caller: “No, my girlfriend allowed the cat to do it.”

Operator: “Right. I’m very sorry, sir, but it’s not a 999 emergency ’cause your girlfriend let the cat eat your bacon. I do apologize, but it’s not a police matter.

Caller: “OK then.”

You have to hand it to her — the operator certainly maintained her professional composure. What was this guy thinking?

Source: ITV

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