This Recently Adopted Cat Won’t Stop Gazing at His Rescuer

“Wilbur is such a sweetie pie,” says his proud human.

I’m sure you’ve long ago noticed your cat’s interest in what’s going on around them.

An Imgur user recently adopted a ginger tabby who fully exemplifies this trait. Wilbur the cat rarely takes his eyes off his new caregiver — monitoring her every move.

Though feeling his gaze constantly on her is a bit unnerving at times, this cat-mom says she realizes that, chances are, for Wilbur it’s all about love and admiration for his rescuer. Isn’t that just the sweetest thing?

Photos by: theacaciasteph/Imgur
“Perhaps he’s jealous when I hang out with the other cat, Chloe.”
“Watching TV while he watches me.”
“This was when I got home from work; he must’ve learned the sound of my car. He also does this when I’m leaving for work, like I’ve betrayed him.”
“He doesn’t want cuddles; he just wants to stare.”
“Other people to stare at but nope, just me.”
“First thing I saw when I woke up a few weeks ago.”

You can see the whole gallery of Wilbur photos on Imgur.

Source: I Heart Cats

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