#CatShrimp Photos Show Just How Much Cats Resemble Shrimp

Because there’s always room for more cute cat photos…

Instagram users are posting their best "cat shrimp" pics.
Instagram users are posting their best “cat shrimp” pics. By: oscarandbelle

When your cat settles down for a deep nap, chances are you’ll find him or her in 1 of 2 positions:

  1. Sprawled out across the floor, or really anywhere that strikes your cat’s fancy at the moment
  2. Or tightly curled up

That second one seems to be a favorite these days. Of course, cats master the technique early in life, and it only gets better with age.

Now the delicate art of “cat shrimping” is being chronicled on Instagram.

A photo posted by Oliver Taco (@olivertaco) on

A photo posted by michelle (@michii00) on

A photo posted by Agnieszka (@panifreud) on

A photo posted by Elise Onusic (@playmilkshake) on

A photo posted by @immodesty_graze on

A photo posted by Nicole (@nicoleguarinoo) on

Source: Catster

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