Products We Love: This Cat Scratching Post That Doubles as a Bed

Modern luxury for both scratchers and snoozers.

“It’s our mission to make cat products that you will love as much as your cat does,” says the maker of The Cone.

Finally, your cat can enjoy the best of 2 worlds.

A company called WISKI has come up with The Cone, a novel product with a sleek, modern design that offers the comfort of a soft bed combined with a cat scratching post.

The creation is truly a cat’s paradise, with an outer shell made of natural sisal that you can easily replace as needed.

The included washable pillow has different-colored sides, which allows it to be flipped over for longer use (and a change of decor). And of course, cat lovers know the best way to keep the meowy ones from scratching furniture is to give them their very own scratching place.

The sleeping nook is elevated off the floor and has a plush cushion that is different-colored on each side.

“The Cone is the world’s most beautiful scratching post and nap space for your cat,” WISKI proclaims on its Kickstarter campaign page. “It’s the perfect complement to any modern home.”

The top of the frame serves as a carry handle.

The product won’t come cheap, though. The retail price will be $300 when it goes on sale next year, but the company is offering a $115 pre-sale discount right now on Kickstarter.

The frame is made from solid-steel rods and has been powder coated for a long life.
The Cone measures 31.5 inches high and 16 inches wide at the base.

Source: Laughing Squid

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