Opossum Joke Goes Over Woman’s Head; She Calls Police

Police in Montana got a frantic call from a woman who had seen a Craigslist ad about a cat who looked suspiciously like a possum.

Recently, the sheriff’s office in Flathead County, Montana, got a frantic call from a woman who just didn’t know a joke when she saw one.

She told the police she had seen an ad on Craigslist stating that a man had found a “cat.”

The concerned woman told officers she was afraid that the man would get rabies, because the animal pictured in the ad looked more like a wild animal than a house cat.


Here’s the ad:

Cat opossum joke on Craigslist

The police, probably stifling their laughter, made sure the woman knew that the animal was definitely not a cat but rather an opossum, and that the ad clearly had been posted by a prankster.

Here’s another version of this long-running gag: “Cat” Found Near Dumpster.

Source: Daily Inter Lake

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