This Cat Version of Monopoly Is Taking the Internet by Storm

In this version of the Monopoly board game, houses and hotels are no more. Instead, you get litter boxes and fish bones.

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This game sells for around $30 on Amazon.
This game sells for around $20 on Amazon.

For more than 80 years, Monopoly has been a favorite of board-game lovers. Whether you’re buying properties or finding yourself stuck in jail for a while, the game can cause some tension, last for hours and still have you wanting to play it again.

The original board enlisted an iron as a moving piece, along with several other iconic tokens. In 2013, though, a silver-haired feline replaced the old iron, but for some people the game still wasn’t “catty” enough.

Hence, the recent emergence of Cat-Opoly.

In this alternate version of Monopoly, you collect cats instead of property. Different breeds are listed at different prices — and the cats get pricier as you make your way around the board. The most expensive? Maine Coon and Persian. (Sorry, Ocicat. You’re the lowly Mediterranean Avenue of this game.)

Forget about buying houses. Instead, litter boxes are the going thing. And why would a cat need so many of these? I have no idea, but you can trade them up for fish bones.

Another difference is there’s no jail time for the cats — they get thrown into the water.

Interested in Cat-Opoly? Here’s more information on Amazon.

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