And You Thought YOU Were Having a Bad Day?

Photo of cat trying to adjust to his “cone of shame” goes viral.

Albert is not having the best day. By: Benzyl
Albert is not having the best day. By: Benzyl

A Persian cat in Portland, Oregon, is breathing a sigh of relief after the removal of his “cone of shame.”

After having a cyst removed recently, 2-year-old Albert could not keep his paws off his stitches. His human, Jean Baker, had the cat fitted with an E collar to prevent his stitches from getting pulled out.

Of course, Albert despised his new fashion accessory and looked like a real grump when wearing it.

Baker posted a picture of Albert desperately trying to lick inside the cone, using comical gymnastic moves. The photograph — captioned, “Albert is not having the best day” — went viral.

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All the fame was of no comfort to poor Albert, who just wanted the darned cone to disappear. Although humans may have found humor in the situation, it was no laughing matter for him.

Finally, Albert’s wish came true. The cone was replaced with a jacket, known as a “recovery suit,” and Albert couldn’t be happier.

Source: The Telegraph

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