Whoa… This Cat Has Some Crazy Eyebrows!

The bewildered-looking Sam the cat, who appears to have eyebrows, has become an instant sensation online.

Sam has eyebrows. (Facebook photo)
Sam’s eyebrows give him many different expressions. (Facebook photo)

Sam, the cat whose unique markings have made him an Internet icon, isn’t basking in his fame. He doesn’t seem to realize why he is suddenly receiving so much attention.

Two black marks, one above each eye, inspired Sam’s human to post pictures of his pet online. The bewildered-looking cat, who appears to have eyebrows, became an instant sensation.

His “eyebrows” give him the look of always being mystified — regardless of where he is, whom he is with or what is going on in his life.

While all cats may have 9 lives, this New York cat has an infamous expression, compliments of Mother Nature.

Source: Daily Mail

Gayle Hickman

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