Cat’s Awesome Mustache Lands Her a Great New Home

Does she look more like Tom Selleck to you, or Freddie Mercury?

Sally Ann is feline fine after being adopted in a week.
Sally Ann is feline fine after being adopted in a week.

Sally Ann was found in a donation bin by a Salvation Army worker in Fresno, California.

Along with being frightened and filthy, the abandoned cat had an odd-looking face: A black patch of hair just under her nose greatly resembled a mustache.

Rather than take her to the local animal shelter, which is noted for its high kill rates, Sally Ann’s rescuer opted to place her in the care of the Cat House on the Kings, an adoption center for pets.

Her stay there was shorter than anticipated. After being bathed, spayed, fed and checked by a veterinarian, Sally Ann was introduced on Facebook. A local news channel also broadcast her story.

Within a week, the beautiful, mustached feline had found a forever home. Mike and Sue Salvadore had seen a newscast, and Sally Ann’s future had become clear. “We saw her on the news, and we just knew we had to have her as part of our family,” says Mike Salvadore.

Since settling into her new digs, Sally Ann has proven to be just the right fit for her new family. Although she may look like Tom Selleck or Queen’s late frontman, Freddie Mercury, behind that incredible mustache is the perfect pet.

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