Abandoned Kitten Inspires Thousands (And Now There’s a Book)

“Bruce the Cat” has conquered the odds and is now living a life of sheer purr-fection. Check out these astonishingly cute photos!

Bruce as a teeny-tiny kitten, November 2015. All photos ©Kathryn van Beek / Bruce the Cat on Facebook

A year and a half has made a world of difference for one playful cat. Not only has his life taken a miraculous turn — but so has his coat, from gray to shimmering black.

At only 1 day old, “Bruce the Cat” was discovered by an author as she was walking home from work in New Zealand. The shivering kitten was all alone — but thanks to Kathryn van Beek, his life was about to change.

Bruce at 5 days old. The kitten became an internet sensation after being found when he was just 1 day old.

Bringing him into her home, van Beek fed and nurtured the kitten, showing him that there was love in the world.

Bruce at 11 days old.
Bruce at 27 days old. Someone face-planted in the milk instead of drinking it.

Today, Bruce is well-known to Facebook fans (with nearly 34,000 followers), and he’s enjoying life to the fullest.

“People seem to like the story of how he was found, and also the story of how he changed color,” van Beek tells Petful.

At 62 days old, Bruce was just beginning to transition from gray to black in color.
A new book featuring Bruce encourages children to care for and be kind to animals.

Besides his ordinary feline shenanigans, such as climbing trees and taking strolls through the garden, he is also doing his part to help other cats in need.

Recently, he helped promote van Beek’s illustrated children’s book Bruce Finds a Home, which is about you-know-who. The book teaches kids the importance of showing love to animals. Bruce even “pawtographed” copies of the book.

This March 2016 photo shows how Bruce fairly quickly began to change colors as he matured.

The book recently more than met its pre-sales goal of around U.S. $15,000, with a sizable portion of those proceeds going to support Animal Rescue Network New Zealand, a charitable trust dedicated to helping stray and abandoned cats and kittens.

Here are a few more photos of this amazing kitty:

Bruce has helped other cats find forever homes.
Here’s what Bruce looks like now, in June 2017.

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