This Bird Has an Unsettling Resemblance to Donald Trump

The golden pheasant showed up in someone’s backyard in NYC.

I think I see the resemblance. Photos: Bjørn Christian Tørrissen (left) and Joseph Sohm/
I think I see the resemblance. Photos: Bjørn Christian Tørrissen (stock image) and Joseph Sohm/Shutterstock

It is an election year, and all eyes are on the presidential candidates. Animal Care & Control of NYC was bewildered recently when a call came in asking that someone be sent to remove “Donald Trump” from a backyard in Queens, New York. (The residents of the property were, after all, die-hard Democrats.)

What the animal control officers actually found upon arriving at the home was an elegant golden pheasant almost 3 feet long.

His resemblance to 2016 presumptive Republican nominee Donald Trump was easy to see — he had the same orange fluff sitting atop his head as Trump’s signature locks.

The bird, though native to China, is a popular ornamental pet in the United States. He must have escaped his home.

Animal control officers took the pheasant Trump (or, should we say, Pheasident Trump?) to Wild Bird Fund, an avian care facility on New York’s Upper West Side.

Following the presidential candidate’s lead, the illustrious bird has made himself quite popular with all the other feathered patients — especially those of the opposite sex. One duck, in particular, seems to enjoy his futile attempts at interspecies mating.

However, the flighty bird will soon be moving on — to a forever home. That is, until he decides to do a little more “campaigning” in unexplored territory.

Source: New York Post

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