A Heartbreaking Tribute From a Dog’s Point of View

“I will never leave your side…”

By: Join Pointer/Imgur
“My friends whispered sweet things in my ear, and told me I was a good boy.” By: John Pointer

John Pointer, who lives in Michigan, recently went through the emotional ordeal of having his dog, Benny, euthanized. Even though it felt like the right thing to do, Pointer still has to deal with the immense grief of losing his pet of 9 years.

To help ease his pain, Pointer posted an online tribute recapping Benny’s last moments as the dog may have seen them.

Benny knew his loving human had his back. When he could no longer get himself out of bed, Pointer would gently lift him up and carry him downstairs. And when Benny couldn’t make it to the potty quite soon enough, Pointer made no big deal about it.

Benny would recall visits from friends, who shared hugs and kisses with him and tears with his saddened human. As Pointer sees it, his dog felt that he, Benny, should be their comforter, but he didn’t have the strength to do that job any more.

When the end was near, Benny’s bad days became more frequent than his good ones. His veterinarian, expressing amazement that Benny was still able to stand, informed Pointer, “It’s your decision, but he’s definitely in that window.” Pointer imagines that Benny overheard those words and felt so bad for what Pointer was going through.

That night, Pointer and Benny shared the same bed, snuggling close. Benny thought as he drifted off to sleep, “This is where I belong.”

The tribute ends with Benny’s out-of-body experience, where he looks down on all those he had loved. His main focus is on Pointer. He whispers to Pointer, “Don’t worry, buddy…. I will never leave your side.”

Here’s the full tribute:


You can learn more about Benny’s life here, and there’s another tribute (with photos) on Imgur.

Source: Daily Mail

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