Beagle Plays the Piano and Sings the Blues Like a Pro

Buddy Mercury, a beagle/Basset Hound mix, is not only entertaining his family, but he’s also capturing the hearts of fans everywhere as he shows off his musical side.

“Buddy, our rescue dog, LOVES to play piano and sing along!” say his folks. “Buddy has captured the hearts of many music fans around the world in a short time!”

Hey, I’d rather listen to this than 90% of what’s being played on the radio today.

So keep that tail wagging proudly, “Mr. Buddles” — you clearly have a long career in music ahead of you.

Gayle Hickman

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Gayle Hickman has been researching and writing about pet behaviors since 2011. In addition to Petful, her articles have appeared on Reader's Digest, Yahoo Shine and WebVet, to name a few.

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