Rescue Dog Absolutely Kills It on a Skateboard

Bamboo, a skateboarding dog, was born to ride.

Making other dogs look like no-talent hacks. By: Bamboo
Making other dogs look like no-talent hacks. By: Bamboo

Mike Bolaris of San Diego County, California, adopted his amazing dog, Bamboo, after the mixed-breed pup was found along with 8 siblings in a cave in the desert.

Bamboo has proved to be a dog of many talents. His favorite pastime is rolling along Solana Beach on a skateboard, with the wind gently blowing his fur.

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The talented canine not only impresses his proud human with his skateboard expertise — he has also become an internet star, with one video alone racking up more than 5 million views on Facebook:

Using his back legs to push forward, Bamboo gets the wheels rolling, then jumps on with all 4 paws and cruises down the roadway. Gawkers can’t help marveling at his awesome response to commands such as “push,” “cut back” and “turn left.”

Oh, and Bamboo can fetch you a beer, too:

A video posted by Bamboo (@bambooskates) on

Source: Inside Edition

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