10 Pets Caught in the Ultimate Awkward Moment

"Oh, hey — didn't see you there."

Caring for a pet is a rewarding and exceptional experience. It can also be incredibly humorous.

We’ve all had that awkward moment. You know the one. And like us, our pets have some pretty awkward moments, too. The ones where they have no idea they’re being observed. And their faces when they realize that they are? Priceless.

1. Trying to tough out that awkward moment with a smile. Gotta give this cat points for that.

By: mikl

2. This pug is … actually, I’m not entirely sure what he’s doing. I’m not really sure I want to know.

A post shared by Theo & Alvin (@thepugwithrolls) on

3. “Oh hey, I found that shirt you were looking for!”

A post shared by Sp0rTista (@sp0rtista) on

4. When nobody is home and you can really spread out on the bed just the way you like.

A post shared by Guunu (@guunugalore) on

5. “I’m fine. This is fine.”

A post shared by Amy Malaise (@bibanon1) on

6. When you realize your dog is addicted to yoga — and is better at it than you are.

7. “What treats? I have no idea what you’re talking about.”

8. “Draw me like one of your … oh, hey there.”

9. “Before you go inside, I can explain everything.”

By: dkpalash

10. That awkward moment when you get caught watching a show you’re not supposed to watch.

By: valiantpig

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