10 Dogs Whose First Kiss Is Way More Awkward Than Yours Ever Was

These pups are here to make you feel a whole lot better, because their first kiss is just about as awkward as it could ever get.

Let’s face it. The first kiss is always a little awkward, am I right? You spend more time focusing on the state of your breath and whether or not you should keep your eyes open or closed than you do the actual “big moment.”

But fear not. It can get more awkward than you’d ever believe.

Dogs have their fair share of awkward moments, too. And these 10 dogs are here to make you feel a whole lot better, because their first kiss is just about as awkward as it could ever get.

Thank God. Because I am pretty awkward.

1. Not sure where the smaller dog got her lessons from, but I’m pretty sure I never read anything about biting the other person’s eye — even if it is open.

2. This pup looks like he’s forgotten every piece of advice he’s ever received and is just wishing for it to be over. Of course, you know when he’s with his friends later he’ll act like he was Prince Charming.

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3. Trying to decide which way you’re supposed to turn your nose is so awkward. How does this even work?

4. Do you remember that date you had with that one guy who thought that kissing meant eating half your face? Yeah, these dogs top that by a mile.

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5. The moment of panic when this dog realized that the kiss was REALLY HAPPENING is priceless. And oh, so relatable.

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6. When she leans in for the smooch but you were just preparing the “I had a great time, but let’s just be friends” speech.

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7. Netflix and chill gone way, way too far.

8. Playing hard to get — or hard to fetch — sometimes backfires in a big way.

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9. Ah, the first French. So awkward. (“So wait, how does this tongue thing go again?”)

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10. Remember the moment you were kissing your boyfriend for the first time and your mom walked in? This dog knows exactly how you feel.

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