Meet Atchoum, a Lovable Cat Who Looks Kinda Like a Werewolf

1 part werewolf, 1 part mad scientist, and 2 parts cat — that’s the vibe Atchoum gives off. But as it turns out, he’s friendly and playful.

Atchoum means "sneezy" in French.
Atchoum means “sneezy” in French.

Grumpy Cat’s Internet stardom is facing some stiff competition recently, as Atchoum the Cat quickly gains followers on Instagram and Facebook.

Nine-month-old Atchoum, who lives in Quebec, Canada with her human, Nathalie, has hypertrichosis, a condition also known as werewolf syndrome. The hormonal disorder causes excessive hair growth on the body.

To many people, he looks more like a mad scientist than werewolf.

A first reaction to Atchoum is often fear, as his evil-looking eyes glare out from amid all his fur. The Daily Mail calls it “a terrifying soul-piercing gaze.”

According to Nathalie, he is just a lovable fluffball with typical cat behaviors.

Sources: Rumorfix, Inquisitr, Daily Mail

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