Aquarium Backpack: For Fish on the Go

Your pet fish may not be as impressed with their new ride as the humans who stare at them in awe.

The makers of the Aquarium Backpack describe it as “self-cleaning.” By: uvproductionhouse

You’ve probably never thought about carrying your pet fish with you on the go — but someone has.

Behold the Aquarium Backpack, which sells for $500 on Etsy and comes complete with plants, rocks, snails and, of course, goldfish.

The handmade bag is transparent so everyone can see how much you love your fish. However, be forewarned: Even though the backpack comes with comfortable shoulder straps, I imagine it would get a little heavy on your back.

Would you buy one of these for $500?
Would you buy a mobile aquarium for $500?

I guess this is an interesting product — but were fish really meant to go for walks?

Source: Mike Shouts

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