Too Ugly to Love? No Way! This Dog Proved Them Wrong.

From horrifying to totally adorable — the amazing transformation of Augustus is proof positive that a little love goes a long way.

Augustus version 1.0 (left) and Augustus 2.0
Augustus before and after

They’re calling this dog’s incredible transformation: Augustus 2.0.

Augustus was an unsightly stray who wandered the streets of northwest Alabama. Shunned by all who saw him, he was forever getting chased off someone’s property. People even threw things at him to shoo him.

When the folks at Heart of Alabama. Save. Rescue. Adopt. (HASRA) rescued him, they had no idea what breed he was — mange had taken over his entire body.

However, once Augustus received proper medical care, his mange, worm infestation and ear infections began to heal. As his fur grew back, a beautiful Border Collie mix emerged.

Mange had overtaken his entire body. By: Augustus 2.0
Mange masked his features. By: Augustus 2.0

“Despite a lifetime of pain and neglect, Auggie would undergo his daily treatments while looking back at his heroes with eyes full of gratitude and love,” says Barbara Diamond, writing in Little Things. “The more he recovered, the more he revealed himself to be the most loving pup.”

His outgoing personality and shiny coat of fur gained him popularity at the shelter, and he was quickly adopted.

What a difference a little TLC can make in the life of an animal.

One month later. By: Augustus 2.0
One month later. By: Augustus 2.0

Sources: Bark Post, Little Things

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