Last of Nearly 600 Adopted Dogs Gets Hero’s Sendoff

Now, old Owen spends his days cuddling, lazing about, and getting to know the family cat.

Owen gets a little parade after being adopted. By: ASPCA

An ASPCA event in North Carolina was recently successful in finding homes for nearly 600 cats and dogs.

A woman named Angel decided at the last minute to go to the shelter with her daughter. Intending to take a cat home, they brought a cat carrier with them.

Though she had always been frightened of dogs, Angel had to go take a look at the 5 or so dogs who had not found homes that day — each of them with special needs.

A 10-year-old dog named Owen caught Angel’s attention as she walked through the kennel. “His eyes locked with my eyes, and it was love at first sight,” she says.

After she spent a couple of hours with Owen at the shelter, it was obvious that he was meant to be a part of Angel’s family.

Owen left the shelter with a hero’s sendoff by staff — he was the last remaining animal, and therefore the last to be adopted. (The others in the small group who had been left behind had all been adopted while Owen was bonding with his future family.)

Source: BarkPost

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