This Tiny Abandoned Kitten’s Transformation Is Breathtaking

A wet, sickly ball of fur is now a healthy, loving kitten thanks to one woman’s gesture of kindness.

“It’s hard to believe [he] was really that small,” says Kathryn Van Beek. By: BruceTheKitten

Kathryn Van Beek was walking hurriedly down the street in Auckland, New Zealand, as the rain pelted down all around her. As she caught a glimpse of something resembling a rat lying in the pathway, her instincts made her jump back in fear.

After calming her nerves a bit, she realized that the “rat” was actually a newborn kitten with its umbilical cord still intact. Van Beek took the helpless animal to her home, where it was warm and dry. She named him Bruce (after Batman).

After almost 2 weeks of TLC, Bruce’s prognosis was still not looking very hopeful. His eyes had not yet opened, and he was showing no significant weight gain.

But his new mom didn’t give up — and soon Bruce’s chances seemed to improve.


His twinkling eyes popped open and once he began eating on his own, his weight jumped up to 2 pounds. (That may not seem like much, but for this little trouper it was quite an accomplishment.)

Christmas Day – 52 days oldI fell in love with you the first time I looked intothem there eyesAnd you have a certain…

Posted by Bruce the cat on Thursday, December 24, 2015


Now, several months later, Bruce is well on his way to a wonderful life, made possible by a stranger who took time to care.

Who's a little cutie pie?

Posted by Bruce the cat on Friday, January 22, 2016


Source: Boredom Therapy

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