10 Pets Who Just Can’t Wait for the 4th of July

With the exception of fireworks (so loud!), these patriotic dogs and cats are thrilled about summer’s first major holiday.

It’s that time of year again — the time for barbecues, gatherings, fun (but hold the fireworks, please.) The 4th of July is meant to celebrate our freedom, and our pets are just as keen to join in on the fun.

These 10 pets have done everything they can to show just how much they love this holiday and all it represents. After all, their forepuppers fought for their right to have as many biscuits as they want!

1. I can’t decide if this duo is a little crazy or simply brilliant by pairing their giant ties with tiny hats. Either way, they’re definitely on to something.

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2. May the 4th be with you.

3. This kitty is looking for just the right place to display her celebratory decoration. Perhaps in the window?

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4. Even the working dogs are getting behind the 4th of July fun! Or maybe he’s undercover? Hmm…

By: stasiland

5. That awkward moment when you wake up after a wild 4th of July party and aren’t quite sure what happened or where you are.

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6. When you want to celebrate and show off your brand-new outfit that you bought just for the 4th, but realize that you left your sunglasses at home. Think her companion will let her borrow his?

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7. “What do you mean the decorations aren’t for playing with?”

8. One of these 3 isn’t thrilled that he got a bowtie instead of a bandanna. Fashion faux paw!

9. “Look mom, I’m the statue of Liberty! … What do you mean I have it on wrong?”

By: helenzhang

10. No matter how hard you try, you’ll never look as good as this Golden rocking her 4th of July shades.

Happy 4th of July from all of us at Petful!

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