10 Pets Who Love Treats More Than You Ever Will

I’m probably the biggest junk food junkie out there — but these 10 pets put my sweet tooth to shame!

Ah, junk food. The greasy, the sugary, the totally bad for you but so-so-good comfort food that goes down great any time.

I’m probably the biggest junk food junkie out there — pizza, fries, burgers, candy, cake. You name it, I want it. However, being a junk food addict does invite a bit of shaming from your more health-conscious friends.

Happily, I’m not alone. Not only do millions of people share my devotion to desserts, but many pets do, too. In fact, there are some pets who downright put my sweet tooth to shame.

1. That face you make when your dessert is right there but Mom says you have to wait until everyone has some before you can start eating.

2. This soulful gaze is pretty much on a par with how I view any form of junk food.

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3. Pumpkins are very much a sweet treat to pets and animals of all kinds, and this tortoise is determined to eat it all in one go. I feel this attitude on a spiritual level.

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4. I’m not sure I’d be holding that cupcake like that. The horse looks ready to take a few fingers if it means getting the sweet treat.

5. When you eat so much junk that you can’t even show your face in the local stores anymore and you have to get your sweets delivered instead.

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6. This brilliant dog has figured out to how funnel her love for treats into a cash business.

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7. This pug is everyone — human or animal — who’s ever had to go on a diet because of a treat addiction.

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8. “No, I haven’t seen the dog’s treats. I don’t know what you’re talking about.”

9. This cat looks like she’s caught the metaphorical canary … or an embarrassing amount of turkey treats.

10. This poodle just wanted to eat her treat, but her parents set it on fire. She looks so done.

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Reminder: When you’re giving your pet treats, be sure they’re actually formulated for pets.

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