10 Pets Who Just Can’t Even When It Comes to Dieting

They want the good stuff, and they don’t understand why they can’t have it.

Dieting is hard for us human-folk, and it’s no easier on our pets.

Like us, they want the good stuff, and they don’t understand why they can’t have it. All we can do is withhold the fattening foods as best we can … but our pets are resourceful when it comes to getting what they want. One way or another.

These 10 pets are done with dieting, and they’re not afraid to show it.

1. When you are so strung out by your diet that you resort to cannibalism.

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2. That frozen moment your parent walks in and catches you eating when you’re not supposed to.

3. Some pets resort to their version of the secret food stash.

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4. Ignoring that one judgmental friend who watches you gorge yourself in disapproval.

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5. This dog has had enough of healthy food. It’s either a bite of cake or … just a bite.

By: scruffymarcher

6. This dog would is so fed up with diet dog food that he’d rather eat dirt.

By: krafttwerk

7. This cat wants a taco so badly that he’s starting to become one.

By: nicejerk

8. This dog was so excited to find an unattended container of food that he ate the whole thing. Unfortunately, he had no way to hide the evidence. Busted!

By: Bubblebeam09212

9. Knowing that you’re on a diet — but it’s a cheezburger!

By: TheOtherBoleynGirl

10. This cat just cheated on her diet in epic fashion and feels no shame whatsoever. I can’t say I blame her — that cake looks pretty good to me, too.

By: LiveTheMoment

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