10 Pets Who Feel No Shame

We all know it’s not all just cuddles, happy tails and picture-perfect walks into the sunset with our pets — but THIS is ridiculous!

The reality of having pets? They’re a lot like kids in that they can do some frustrating (but hilarious) things.

Some furkids feel bad when they realize they’ve let us down. Others? Not so much.

1. This tea-thieving tabby has no qualms about sipping from her humans’ cups.

By: sleeplessnights

2. This pair is clearly engaged in a war where there is no room for shame.

On a side note, I can’t believe the dog actually ate kale. I didn’t think anyone liked kale. (By: albumen)

3. Hide your bathroom leavings, folks. This fella is the ultimate pooper scooper.

By: onionboy

4. Poop preferences are clearly not limited to same-species. These doggos seem curious as to why their people might find their eating habits a bit gross.

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5. He’s not even remotely sorry about leaving this in his beleaguered human’s shoe. Imagine slipping that loafer on in the morning.

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6. This pupper thinks he has the perfect cover for his crimes.

7. This duo decided that shoe-chewing was too mundane. Go big or go home. Or EAT the home.

By: RachieFitz

8. Not only is this dog not sorry, but he’s also proudly wearing the remains of his victim.

By: RachieFitz

9. Gotta hand it to him, he’s diabolically clever. And extremely well-fed.

By: astromagicman

10. No love from this chicken — and no eggs either. #SorryNotSorry.

By: AfterTheRainComesTheRainbow

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