10 Pets Being Lazy

These 10 pets have taken laziness to a whole new level — one to which we can only aspire.

The dog days of summer are here. And with all the heat and humidity, none of us are motivated to do anything.

Housework? It can wait. That summer reading? No thanks, rather sit by the pool.

Laziness is the name of the game when it comes to those hot days, and I used to think I was the master. I was wrong.

1. Sometimes even going down the steps is just too much work.

By: sypsyn

2. Walk ALL the way down the hall? All at one time? It’s a nope from this dog.

By: teosaurio

3. When you’re so lazy that you forget how to dog.

By: 4braham

4. When even the thought of climbing a flight of stairs is just too much effort.

By: themillers91705

5. This cat is all of us when the morning sunlight hits our faces and we realize that it really is time to get up.

By: KMW2700

6. “’I can’t nap anywhere’, you say? Challenge accepted.”

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7. He’s actually hiding in order to get a nap in. Laziness level: Expert.

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8. I feel as though there should be a “Do Not Disturb” sign on this blanket. But he was probably too lazy to make one.

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9. Ferrets: The animal kingdom’s laziness masters.

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10. Trying to get out of bed after a lazy day: Dis tew much!

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