Budget Dog Grooming Tables Reviews

Want to buy a budget dog grooming table? Read this report on pet grooming tables for both professional use and for the home. We’ve picked out three of the best options, and explain why you should buy.

  • Professional quality
  • Budget priced
  • Portable and sturdy

Precision Pet 2180-3624PWA#1 Precision Pet 2180-3624PWA

This professional dog grooming table for sale comes with a side clamp arm and loop. The Precision Pet 2180-3624PWA features super strong welds, heavy-duty legs, and there is no hardware that is exposed (making it safer for canines). The tops are composed of plywood (not the fake stuff), which resists water and will not chip. The vinyl top is ribbed to prevent slipping, and it’s a cinch to clean. This Precision Pet grooming table is a smart investment for both professionals and budget-minded DIY groomers.

  • Dimensions: 30 inches high, 24 inches wide, 36 inches deep; weighs 73 pounds.
  • Also included: Security loop.
  • UPDATE: This model was currently out of stock when we last checked, but we found a comparable model on Amazon.com for just $150. Click the “Read more” link below to find out more:


Midwest Pets G3624A#2 Midwest Pets G3624A

This 36-inch Midwest Pets dog grooming table with arm is both durable and strong (not to mention, cheaper). Underneath is waterproof; the platform on top is a non-slip rubber surface. A gray vinyl molding helps protect the platform, and the legs lock into place or fold down easily. In fact, setup is a snap with this budget dog grooming table. Reviews from customers are positive, with one happy buyer reporting: “I thought I’d build my own dog grooming table,” but when she found the Midwest Pets G3624A, she saw it was “much better than a homemade one” (and cost no more than DIY).

  • Dimensions: 30 inches high, 24 inches wide, 36 inches deep; weighs 31 pounds.
  • Also included: Security loop.
  • Recent Price: We found it recently for around $150 at Amazon.com — click the “Read more” link below to find out more:


Therapet dog grooming table#3 Therapet Grooming Table

Sturdy legs and an easy cleaning surface are features of the lightweight Therapet dog grooming table. Good brand; better price. However, the trade-off on this bargain dog grooming table on sale is that the tabletop material is a laminate composite. On top, a no-slip textured rubber surface covers the surface to keep your pet comfortable and secure. Easily transportable with folding legs.

  • Dimensions: 30 inches high, 18 inches wide,; weighs 24 pounds.
  • Also included: Grooming arm, loop.
  • Recent Price: We priced this one out at under $100 at Amazon.com recently, making it the cheapest one listed here.

Sorry, item no longer available.

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