Zoe’s Premium Pet Food

 No recalls.

Zoe’s Premium was founded in 2010 after the owners decided to start making custom food for their pit/Lab mix, Zoe. It had started out with them adding olive oil to her food. Then they wanted to know everything that she was eating, right down to the ingredients. So they started their own line of raw frozen foods for dogs.

The food is manufactured in a local USDA-grade facility in Brooklyn, New York, and does not include corn, wheat or soy. Updates on the company website list the company as expanding, so products may be intermittently unavailable. The company plans to introduce raw frozen cat food as well.

Zoe’s Premium Quick Facts

Brand line includes: Zoe’s Premium Turkey Cassoulet w/ White Beans & Squash, Zoe’s Premium Chicken & Sweet Potatoes w/ Millet & Peas, Zoe’s Premium Steak & Lentils w/ Pearl Barley & Kale
Cost: $$
Company: Zoe’s Premium
Headquarters: Brooklyn, NY 11217
Contact info: email, website

Has Zoe’s Premium Ever Been Recalled?

No. This brand has not been recalled, according to our research.

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