ZiwiPeak Pet Food

 No recalls.

ZiwiPeak advocates fresh, all-natural raw meat for your pets. All ingredients are listed as 100% fresh and the best diet for your pet.

In addition to raw meat, ZiwiPeak adds natural carbohydrates from sources such as kelp, green tripe and chicory to aim for a well-balanced and natural, nutritious diet.

ZiwiPeak Quick Facts

Brand line includes: ZiwiPeak Daily Dog Beef Cuisine, ZiwiPeak Daily Dog Lamb Cuisine, ZiwiPeak Daily Dog Venison Cuisine, ZiwiPeak Daily Dog Venison and Fish Cuisine, ZiwiPeak Daily Cat Air-Dried Lamb Cuisine, ZiwiPeak Daily Cat Air-Dried Venison Cuisine, treats for cats and dogs
Cost: $$$$
Company: ZiwiPeak USA Inc.
Headquarters: 26366 Carmel Rancho Lane, Suite F, Carmel, CA 93923
Contact info: 877-464-9494 or 877-464-9494, website

Has ZiwiPeak Ever Been Recalled?

There are no U.S. recalls for this brand that we’re aware of. Note that this company is also based in New Zealand.

If you have not done so already, we urge you to sign up now for Petful’s FREE recall alerts by email. Our free alerts are saving pets’ lives.

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