Wholesome Blend Pet Food

 No recalls.

Wholesome Blend Naturally Fresh and Wholesome Blend Grain Free are brands of pet food manufactured by Nutreco Canada.

Nutreco was started in 1983 in St. Marys, Ontario, as a pet food manufacturer and distributor. The company purchased the livestock feed sector of Maple Leaf Foods Group in 2007 to form the Nutreco Canada company name used today. The acquired company was named Shur-Gain and had been in business since 1927.

Nutreco Canada also makes Lifetime dog and cat food.

Wholesome Blend Quick Facts

Brand line includes: For dogs: Naturally Fresh Chicken & Duck, Naturally Fresh Turkey & Rabbit, Grain Free Salmon, Grain Free Turkey & Duck; for cats: Naturally Fresh Turkey & Rabbit, Grain Free Salmon
Cost: $$
Company: Nutreco Canada, a subsidiary of Nutreco N.V.
Headquarters: 600 James St. South, St. Marys, Ontario N4X 1C7
Contact info: 800-340-7578, email

Has Wholesome Blend Pet Food Ever Been Recalled?

No. This brand has never been recalled, according to our research.

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