Techni-Cal Pet Food

 No recalls.

Techi-Cal “super-premium” pet food is manufactured and distributed by various suppliers overseas. Representatives distribute the brand in countries such as Russia, Thailand, Spain, Italy, Latvia and Greece. Techni-Cal advocates a holistic diet for your pet’s better health and happiness.

Techni-Cal Quick Facts

Brand line includes: Techni-Cal Lifestages Adult Dog, Techni-Cal Lifestages Senior, Techni-Cal Solutions Bone and Joint, Techni-Cal Solutions Hypoallergenic, Techni-Cal Solutions Weight Control, Techni-Cal Lifestages Kitten, Techni-Cal Solutions Hairball Control, Techni-Cal Solutions Urinary Health, and various snacks for dogs and cats
Cost: $$$
Where to buy: Specialty shops, online
Company: Techni-Cal Inc.
Headquarters: Techni-Cal International BV, Den Alerdinckweg 3, 8055 PE Laag Zuthem, Netherlands
Contact info: +31-529-408-108 (international call), email

Has Techni-Cal Ever Been Recalled?

No. This brand has not been recalled, according to our research. Note that it is much more difficult to ascertain whether a pet food manufactured and marketed overseas is up to the standards of the United States FDA.

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Have You Had a Problem With Techni-Cal?

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