River Run Dog Food

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River Run Dog Food, from Nutrena, is marketed as an overall healthy blend with the right amount of nutrition for your dog at any life stage. Nutrena is owned by Cargill Inc., which was founded as a grain flat house in 1865.

In 1945, Cargill bought Nutrena, and in 1958 Nutrena launched an innovative feed computer/prescription calculator that allowed territory managers to give producers exact feed requirements.

Since then, Nutrena has continued to work hard to be on the cutting edge to manufacture the best food for pets and livestock.

River Run Quick Facts

Brand line includes: Nutrena River Run Puppy Food, Nutrena River Run Professional Dog Food, Nutrena River Run HI-NRG Dog Food, Nutrena River Run Hi-Pro No Soy Dog Food and Nutrena River Run Chunks Dog Food
Cost: $
Company: Cargill Inc.
Headquarters: 15407 McGinty Rd. W., #70, Wayzata, MN 55391
Contact info: 1-800-367-4894, website, email

Has River Run Ever Been Recalled?

Yes. In 2011, Cargill voluntarily recalled a limited number of River Run dog foods because of a higher than acceptable level of aflatoxin. Cargill has also had several recalls over the years for farm animal feeds, but those do not affect cats and dogs.

List of River Run Recalls

December 2011

Cause: Aflatoxin. Announcement: FDA Report. Recalled: River Run Professional Dog Food, River Run HI-NRG Dog Food, River Run Hi-Pro No-Soy Dog Food, River Run 21% Protein Dog Food.

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