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PMI Nutrition, LLC and PMI Nutrition International, LLC are divisions of Land O’ Lakes. The international division’s product lines include animal feeds such as TestDiet and Mazuri Exotic — as well as LabDiet products, used in research institutions throughout the world.

The company formulates and produces custom purified-ingredient and grain-based diets for animal research in academic, government and pharmaceutical laboratories. PMI’s dog and cat food lines are produced and manufactured under the PMI Nutrition and Red Flannel product names.

PMI Nutrition Quick Facts

Brand line includes: PMI Nutrition Bites n’ Bones Formula, PMI Nutrition Canine Advantage Formula and PMI Nutrition Feline Medley Formula; the company also produces Red Flannel dog and cat foods, as well as Exclusive and Infinia
Cost: $$$
Company: PMI Nutrition
Address: 1080 County Road F West, Shoreview, MN 55126
Contact info: 1-800-332-4738, websiteemail

Has PMI Nutrition Ever Been Recalled?

Yes. A number of other PMI products were pulled from shelves in the past because of potential salmonella contamination. In 2012, the international division recalled a large amount of feed products because of possible elevated Vitamin D levels.

See also: Red Flannel pet food recalls.

List of PMI Nutrition Recalls

July 2012

Cause: Too much vitamin D (can be fatal to small animals). Announcement: FDA report dated July 13, 2012What was recalled: Many varieties of animal feed products from PMI International, including:

  • LabDiet Guinea Pig Diet, 50 lb. (Lot #APR17122)
  • Mazuri Small Bird Maintenance, 25 lb. (Lot #APR15123)
  • Mazuri Mouse Breeder 9F, 50 lb. (Lot #APR20122)
  • Advanced Protocol Frog Diet, 5kg (Lots #APR 15123 and #APR 28123)
  • Advanced Protocol Large Avian Diet, 5kg (Lot #APR15122)
  • Advanced Protocol Small Avian Maintenance, 11 lb. (Lots #APR11122 and #APR15123)
  • Certified Guinea Pig IRR, 25 lb. (Lots #APR12122A and #APR17122A)
  • Mazuri Freshwater Turtle, 6 x 1 lb. (Best by dates of June 4 or June 5, 2014)
  • Mazuri Mini-Pack Koi Platinum Wheat Nuggets (Lots #2JUL06MFI, #2JUN14MFI1, #2JUN21MFI3, #2MAY11MFI3, #2MAY24MFI3 and #2MAY29MFI1)
  • Full list

September 2008

Cause: Possible salmonella. Announcement: FDA report dated Sept. 17, 2008What was recalled: The following products, manufactured from Feb. 18–July 29, 2008 and with a “17” in first 2 digits of the Lot Code:

  • PMI Nutrition Bites & Bones Dog Food, 17.6 lb., 50 lb.
  • PMI Nutrition Canine Advantage, 50 lb.
  • PMI Nutrition Feline Medley, 20 lb.
  • PMI Nutrition Gravy Crunches Dog Food, 40 lb.
  • Red Flannel Active Formula Dog Food, 40 lb.
  • Red Flannel Adult Formula Dog Food, 20 lb., 40 lb.
  • Red Flannel Canine Select Dog Food, 20 lb., 40 lb.
  • Red Flannel Cat Food, 10 lb., 20 lb.
  • Red Flannel Hi Pro Formula Dog Food, 50 lb.
  • Red Flannel Prime Dog Food, 25 lb., 50 lb.
  • Red Flannel Puppy Food, 40 lb.

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