Original BARF Diet

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The BARF acronym stands for “biologically appropriate raw food.” The owner of the Original BARF Diet line, BARF World, Inc., advertises that it looked at the diet of animals in nature and emulated it to give your dog as close to a natural diet as possible. The products are manufactured in the United States by JDJ Manufacturing, LLC.

BARF Diet Quick Facts

Brand line includes: Original BARF Diet Juicy Chicken Patties, Original BARF Diet Juicy Beef Patties, Original BARF Diet Juicy Lamb Patties, Original BARF Diet Juicy Combo Patties (available in bulk), and Original BARF Diet Juicy Chicken Nuggets; also Etta Says Chicken Liver Treats, Etta Says Beef Liver Treats, Etta Says Lamb Liver Treats, and Etta Says Liver Sprinkles Protein Powder
Cost: $$$$
Company: BARF World, Inc.
Headquarters: 3840 Blackhawk Rd., Suite 100, Danville, CA 94506
Contact info: 1-866-282-2273; email

Has BARF Dog Food Ever Been Recalled?

Yes. In late March 2013, health inspectors found salmonella on machines in the factory, and BARF voluntarily recalled all products manufactured that day in the factory.

List of BARF Dog Food Recalls

March 2013

Cause: Potential for salmonella. Announcement: BARF World’s Intelligent Pet website, editor’s note dated March 28, 2013. What was recalled: The following raw frozen dog food products ONLY with “Best by” sticker of “07272013”:

  • Original BARF Diet Juicy Lamb Patties
  • Original BARF Diet Juicy Combo Patties
  • Original BARF Diet Juicy Combo Patties (Bulk)

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