Natural Ultramix Dog Food

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Important recall information appears below.

Shelley Gunton and her husband, Brian Connolly, founded Castor & Pollux pet food 20 years ago. They introduced a natural line in 2000 and were acquired by Merrick Pet Care, Inc. in 2012. Castor & Pollux manufactures natural and organic products for dogs and cats.

In summer 2015, Merrick was acquired by Nestlé Purina PetCare. The company also makes pet food products under the brand lines Organix, Pristine and Good Buddy.

Natural Ultramix Quick Facts

Brand line includes: Adult Dog Food, Lamb & Rice Adult Dog Food, Red Meat Recipe With Raw Bites, Real Chicken & Sweet Potato Recipe, Duck & Venison and Green Beans With Minnesota Wild Rice Entrée
Cost: $$
Company: Castor & Pollux Natural PetWorks
Headquarters: P.O. Box 9800, Amarillo, TX 79105
Contact info: 1-800-875-7518, emailwebsite

Has Natural Ultramix Ever Been Recalled?

Yes. We found one recall during the 2007 melamine scare. That recall information appears below.

List of Natural Ultramix Recalls

May 2007

Cause: Potential cross-contamination of adulterated wheat gluten. Announcement: FDA report dated May 2, 2007. What was recalled: Ultramix Adult Salmon/Vegetable/Gravy, Adult Turkey/Vegetable/Gravy, Indoor Chicken/Vegetable/Gravy and Adult Chicken/Vegetable/Gravy, all with best by dates of Dec. 6, 2009 – Jan. 24, 2010.

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