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Mighty Dog is manufactured by pet food giant Nestlé Purina. The wet dog food brand is designed for small dogs and formulated for their specific dietary needs.

Mighty Dog Quick Facts

Brand line includes: Mighty Dog Variety Pack in Gravy Canned Dog Food, Purina Mighty Dog Prime Cuts Dog Food – Variety Pack, Purina Mighty Dog Hearty Pulled Style Chicken Canned Dog Food, Mighty Dog Variety Pack Canned Dog Food, Mighty Dog Dog Food, Classic Variety Pack, Mighty Dog Lamb & Rice Formula, Purina Mighty Dog Roasted Variety Pack
Cost: $
Company: Nestlé Purina PetCare Company
Headquarters: P.O. Box 1326, Wilkes-Barre, PA 18703
Contact info: 1-800-778-7462, website, email

Has Mighty Dog Ever Been Recalled?

Yes. In 2007, this brand issued a recall of pouch products (but not canned products) because of possible melamine contamination.

List of Mighty Dog Recalls

March 2007

Cause: Melamine. Announcement: FDA report dated March 16, 2007What was recalled: 5.3 oz. Mighty Dog pouch products (including multi-pack pouch products) manufactured from Dec. 3, 2006 through March 14, 2007, with a Product Code #6337 through #7073 and Plant Code #1798.

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