Loyall Pet Food

 No recalls.

The Miller-McConnell Grain Co. was formed in 1921 in Kansas City. The company was renamed Nutrena the following year, and the logo and brand image were changed for the last time in 2000. The company’s products are listed as high-quality feeds developed by more than 90 staffed PhD-level scientists. The Loyall brand name was introduced in 2007.

Loyall Quick Facts

Brand line includes: Loyall Puppy Food, Loyall Large Breed Puppy, Loyall Active All Life Stages, Loyall Life Grain Free Salmon With Sweet Potato, Loyall Life Grain Free Chicken With Potato, Loyall Life All Stages Chicken & Brown Rice
Cost: $$$
Company: Cargill Inc.
Headquarters: P.O. Box 5614, Minneapolis MN 55440
Contact info: 1-800-367-4894, website

Has Loyall Ever Been Recalled?

No. This brand has not been recalled, according to our research.

Have You Had a Problem With Loyall?

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