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Ken Mack began working at Purina in 1963. After about 10 years, he formed his own company (Mounds Agri Service) and left Purina to tend to his own booming business. The store sold pet food for dogs, cats, horses, wild birds and other animals. The products were made under the Mounds Agri Service, and today it is called Randan Agri Service. The products are made by Mounds in Wisconsin.

Dog Power Quick Facts

Brand line includes: Mounds Dog Power All Life Stages, Mounds Dog Power Lamb Meal & Rice, Mounds Dog Power Chicken & Rice, Mounds Dog Power Chicken & Pea Grain Free, Mounds Purrfect Cat All Life Stages, Mounds Purrfect Cat Chicken & Pea Grain Free
Cost: $$$
Company: Mounds Brand Foods, formerly Advanced Animal Nutrition
Headquarters: Middleton, Wisconsin
Contact info: 608-831-3000, website

Has Dog Power Ever Been Recalled?

Yes. Three products were recalled in 2011 because to high aflatoxin levels, a byproduct of mold.

List of Dog Power Pet Food Recalls

December 2011

Cause: High aflatoxin levels. Announcement: FDA report dated Dec. 13, 2011. What was recalled: Adult Maintenance Formula, Hunters Formula and Hi-Pro Performance Formula products, Lots #4K1004 through #4K1322.

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