Country Acres Pet Food

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Country Acres is a hard-to-find brand of pet food originally manufactured by Mars PetCare, Inc. References to this brand of pet food are slim; however, when we last checked it was referred to under the label of PMI Nutrition Inc., a subsidiary of Purina Animal Nutrition LLC, which is owned by Land O Lakes Inc.

Country Acres Quick Facts

Brand line includes: Country Acres 18% Dog Food, Country Acres 21% Dog Food, Country Acres 27% Dog Food, Country Acres Hi-Pro Dog Food, Country Acres Ration Dog Food, Country Acres Cat Food
Cost: $
Company: Land O Lakes Inc.
Headquarters: 1200 County Road F West, Arden Hills, MN 55112
Contact info: 1-800-332-4738

Has Country Acres Ever Been Recalled?

Yes. In 2008, this brand was involved in a recall by Mars Petcare for potential salmonella contamination.

List of Country Acres Recalls

September 2008

Cause: Potential for salmonella. Announcement: FDA report. Recalled: Country Acres Cat Food, Country Acres Ration Dog Food, Country Acres 18% Dog Food, Country Acres Hi Pro Dog Food.

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