CaniSource Pet Food

 No recalls.

CaniSource is a Canadian company that focuses on using natural, human-grade ingredients and minimizing toxins in its dehydrated pet food line. CaniSource testimonials state that this helps control allergies, promotes shinier coats, helps eliminate tartar and causes dog urine to be less acidic, hence cutting down on “burnt” grass.


CaniSource proudly dedicates its home page to customer testimonials, since the pet food promotes more by word-of-mouth than via advertising.

CaniSource Quick Facts

Brand line includes: CaniSource HomeMade dog food, CaniSource Grand Cru dog and cat food
Cost: $$$$
Company: CaniSource Inc.
Headquarters: 565 Fernand-Poitras Terrebonne, Qc, Canada, J6Y 1Y5
Contact info: 1-888-347-3523, email, website

Has CaniSource Ever Been Recalled?

No. This brand has not been recalled, according to our research.

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