Answers Pet Food

 No recalls.

Answers Pet Food is a raw diet for dogs and cats. The company hopes to position itself as more than just a pet food company, and instead part of an “ethical, social and environmentally conscience and best practices based movement.”


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Green America’s Green Business Network has certified the company as an “environmentally and socially responsible business.” All Answers Pet Food packaging is from 100% recycled material. In a 2011 interview, Etty Gorman, a vice president at the company, said, “Other raw diets use plastic bags and plastic containers that are not recyclable and leach toxins and heavy metals into the product.”

According to the company website, “Answers Pet Food does not over-process the meat. Therefore, our nibbles and patties tend to be softer and moister than other, over-processed raw diets.” The food is also GMO-free. In November 2015, fermented raw cow’s milk kefir was added to the product lineup.

Answers Quick Facts

Brand line includes: Answers Straight Answers for Dogs with Chicken, Answers Straight A+ Answers for Dogs with Beef, Detailed Nibbles for Dogs, Detailed Patties for Dogs, Detailed for Cats with Chicken, Detailed for Cats with Beef
Cost: $$$
Company: Lsytn LLC
Headquarters: 356 Maidencreek Rd, Fleetwood, PA 19522
Contact info: 1-800-431-8480, email, website

Has Answers Pet Food Ever Been Recalled?

No. This brand has never been recalled, according to our research.

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