Adirondack Pet Food

 No recalls.

Adirondack is a third-generation, family-owned company based in Ohio. It manufactures all-natural food for dogs and cats and formulates them for peak performance. Adirondack claims its products are “As Great as the Outdoors.”

Adirondack Quick Facts

Brand line includes: Adirondack 26% Protein Active Recipe For Adult Dogs, Adirondack 21% Protein Everyday Recipe For Adult Dogs, Adirondack 30% Protein High-Fat Recipe For Puppy & Performance Dogs, Adirondack Large Breed Recipe For Adult Dogs
Cost: $$$
Company: Adirondack Pet Food
Headquarters: 38281 Industrial Park Rd., Lisbon, Ohio 44408
Contact info: 888-843-1738, emailwebsite

Has Adirondack Ever Been Recalled?

No. This brand has never been subject to a recall.

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