1st Choice Pet Food

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This brand is made by PLB International in Canada. The company was founded in 1969 as Produits L.B., a distributor of farm-animal feed.


PLB entered the pet food business in 1981 and makes the 1st Choice and Pronature brands of pet food. The company’s products are sold worldwide and focus on environmentally friendly packaging when possible, such as a compostable cat litter bag.

We have more information about the history of 1st Choice pet food below, including up-to-date recall information.

1st Choice Quick Facts

Brand line includes: Puppy Toy & Small Breeds, Adult Dog Medium & Large Breeds, All Breeds Dog Sensitive Skin & Coat, Kitten Healthy Start, Adult Cat Weight Control, Cat Healthy Coat & Skin, Cat Hypoallergenic
Cost: $$
Company: PLB International
Headquarters: 85 J.-A.-Bombardier, Office 200, Boucherville, Quebec, Canada J4B 8P1
Contact info: 866-752-7378 (Canada) or 450-655-7328 (other countries), website, email

Company History

PLB International’s intense focus on exporting its pet food from Canada to locations all around the world has paid off.

The company explained in 2001 that growth rates “are much juicier” in some areas, such as Eastern Europe, Asia and South America.

“These people were used to feeding animals with table scraps as we did here 25 years ago,” said Jocelyn Brasseur, who succeeded his father as president of PLB in 1999. “Now, it’s changing. As people’s incomes start increasing, they start taking better care of their pets. Pets become members of their families, the way it is here.”

The 1st Choice line of pet food was launched in 1990. It was the first premium pet food in North America to use fresh chicken, according to the company.


In 1993, PLB launched a second brand of pet food, called Pronature Original, which the company describes as “sensible nutrition” at “an attractive price for consumers.”

“When it comes to our pet food, we put health above all else,” the company says. “Developed by nutrition experts, 1st Choice caters to the specific dietary needs of your pet, based on their overall health and stage of life. Every 1st Choice formula uses top-quality ingredients, with no meat by-products.”

Has 1st Choice Ever Been Recalled?

No. This brand has not been recalled, according to our research.

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