Why Do Cats Always Sit on Paper?

Read my article to find out why your cat prefers lying down on a sheet of paper rather than on that fancy pet bed you purchased.

Your cat may retain her body heat better when she sits on paper than when she sits on the floor or a desk. By: joanna8555

Cats are like young kids — sounds and textures attract them, and curiosity gets the best of them. Specifically, they like kneading crunchy, crackly paper with their claws before curling up to get some shut-eye, but they also enjoy just lying down on paper, perhaps because doing so regulates their body temperature.

Why Do Cats Always Sit on Paper?

All cat lovers know that anywhere there is paper, their cat is going to be intrigued. You can lay a piece of paper down on the floor in a wide-open room, and the kitty will go sit right on top of it instead of sitting on the carpet next to it.

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And as the paper crunches underneath those little paws, you’ll often hear your kitten purring with pleasure. (Here’s a tip: If you provide your cat with some newspaper to purr on, remember to change the paper often so it will keep its crunch.)

Some pet families offer another compelling reason for this behavior: They speculate that their cat’s body heat is better retained when the cat is lying on various paper products (cardboard, newspaper, magazines). My son’s kitty will go into the bathroom any time he gets the chance, unroll the tissue and sit on it. Could the need for warmth drive felines to sit on paper?

Cats Need Attention and Care

Another, more widely held view from cat families is that their pets simply crave attention, especially when we humans are deeply involved in reading the day’s newspaper or flipping through a magazine.

In sitting on the paper, the cats are basically saying, “Hey, what about me?” Cats don’t understand what reading is — they just want to be a part of the action.

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Cats need warmth and security, just like humans. They love to be near us and have our attention. By plopping down right in front of us and leaving their scent on things that belong to us, they feel secure.

Watch this cat avoid the carpet by sitting on a piece of paper in this video:

Cats’ Instinctual Behavior

Whatever the reason, this act is just another aspect of your pet’s behavior. Give her the attention she craves when she sits on your newspaper or homework.

Chalk this habit up as 1 of your cat’s behavioral instincts. After all, isn’t this 1 of the reasons she is such a fascinating member of your family?

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