2 of the Weirdest Dog Tricks I’ve Seen

Is your pet destined to be the next Lassie? You might want to teach one of these.

By: carbonnyc
Imagine your dog pushing off on a skateboard. By: carbonnyc

There are some really odd dog tricks out there.

Pets who can do the weirdest tricks on command are sometimes cast for commercials and movies. So if you think your pup is destined to become the next Lassie or Benji, you might want to teach one of these tricks.

1. Train Your Dog to Ride a Skateboard

  1. Introduce her to the board. Let her watch as you ride back and forth.
  2. As long as your dog isn’t afraid, pick her up and place her on the board. Offer praise and a treat. Do this for a few days so that your pet becomes accustomed to the skateboard.
  3. Next, start rolling the board while your dog is standing on it. Reassure her and give treats for staying on the board. A couple of days practicing this movement will help make her steady on the board.
  4. Begin moving the skateboard forward by pushing it with your dog’s right rear paw. This will make your dog uneasy at first, but reassure her and give treats.
  5. Continue to work on having her propel the board. Eventually you will need to let go and allow her to ride alone.

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Teaching a dog to ride a skateboard is an advanced trick. So be sure your pet knows all the basic commands before trying it.

Check out this quick video of a dog skating:

2. Laundry Dog Trick

If you or your family are not so great about picking up dirty clothes, you can teach your dog to do it.

I was constantly searching for laundry — especially those socks that always hide under the beds — until I taught my canine crew to do the job.

Here are the training steps:

  1. Bring your pet a laundry basket and a few pieces of dirty laundry into a small room.
  2. Put one article of clothing on the floor and say, “Get the laundry.”
  3. Repeat the command as you would if you were playing fetch. Grab the clothing and get the pooch to take it. Once she takes it, coax her to the basket.
  4. Remove the laundry from her mouth and put it in the basket. Now praise and give her a treat.
  5. Keep repeating this process until your dog automatically gets the laundry from the floor and puts it into the basket. Eventually she will pick up all the clothes.

Ideally, once your dog is properly trained, when you leave the laundry basket out at night you will discover a magically full basket in the morning. What could be better than that?

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