Min Pin Crate Training in Just 5 Steps

Crate training is the easiest way to house train your miniature pinscher.

Min pin crate training
Min pin crate training doesn’t have to be difficult. By: johnthesaintjohn/Flickr

Crate training is the easiest way to house train your miniature pinscher, and keeps your li’l puppy safe at the same time.

In this article, we’ll discuss a method of min pin crate training in just 5 steps. This is a quick and easy way to make your min pin puppy feel secure, happy and comfortable in his own little bedroom. No dog likes to use the bathroom where it sleeps, so crate training is a great housebreaking program.

1. Be sure to buy a crate that isn’t too big.

It shouldn’t be too small either. It should be comfortable for your min pin to sleep in as well as roomy enough for him to stand up and turn around.

Line the crate with a soft and comfortable blanket. Attach food and water bowls to the door so your miniature pinscher is never left hungry or thirsty.

2. Introduce your little one to the crate.

The introduction is actually very important. Never just pick the dog up and shove him in it. He needs to explore the crate and realize that it is a good place.

Hide treats and long lasting chew toys inside of the crate. A favorite stuffed toy will also help to make your miniature pinscher more comfortable in his new room. Let him go in and out at will.

If the puppy is familiar with the crate and not afraid of it, you can move onto the third step.

3. Gently place your min pin inside the crate.

Praise him and give him a special treat. Close and latch the door. Stay in the room and go about other activities for a few minutes. Open the crate door and continue as if the gate were never closed. The dog will come out on his own. Do not coax him to exit the crate because he should be able to stay in there if he wants to do so.

4. Now put the little one in the crate and latch the door.

Be sure he has treats, toys, food and especially water. Stay in the room for 5 minutes but do not talk to the puppy. After that time, walk out of the room quietly. Leave the min pin in the crate for an hour. If he cries, reassure him that all is well and leave him.

5. Finally, exercise your min pin just before bedtime.

Be sure he is tuckered out. Place him in the crate and tell him good night. If he cries, reassure him that everything is OK. If he continues to whine, a sharp “hush” should do the trick. Be sure to have the lights off at bedtime.

You should understand that the method of min pin crate training in just 5 steps will take at least a week. Be consistent, and your miniature pinscher puppy will be sleeping soundly in no time.

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