How to Teach a Yorkie to Roll Over

It’s not too difficult to teach a Yorkshire Terrier to roll over. Here’s how to master this easy trick for small dogs.

Yes, your dog can learn this trick. By: Paul J Everett

It’s not too difficult to teach your Yorkshire Terrier to roll over. But it will take time and consistency.

The effort will be well worth it once your puppy has mastered the trick. Most little dogs love the attention they get from doing tricks.

Before training your pet to roll over, he must have already mastered the “lie down” command. Without being obedient on “down,” training on “roll over” is futile.

Training Method 1

Sit down on the floor. Call your pup to come to you.

Put your Yorkie in the down position. Use a favorite dog treat to entice him to lie on his side. With your left hand, gently roll him while at the same time saying the command “Roll over.”

If he is able to roll over, praise him and give him the treat. Practice this 10 times in each session. Two or three training sessions daily are recommended until your dog has mastered the rolling over.

Training Method 2

This method works perfectly for the pup who loves to have his belly rubbed.

Again, start by sitting on the floor. Encourage your pet to lie down next to you. Rub his tummy for a little while and then gently push him to the opposite side and say, “Roll over.”

Once he rolls over, give him a ton of praise and one of those tasty treats.

You can do this training method often because your dog likes to have his stomach petted — and after the petting, he gets a quick lesson. Most Yorkshire Terrier owners use training method.

One Word of Caution

Whichever method you use, push the puppy over very gently! The push is merely to encourage the dog. Forcing can cause injury. Never be forceful while training a dog to do any trick.

Check out this quick video of a Yorkie showing off his skills:

Now that you know how to teach this trick, your little companion will be able to entertain your friends and family. “Roll over” is a prerequisite for other tricks, including teaching a dog to play dead.


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