Automatic Cat Litter Reviews

ScoopFree SX2 self-cleaning cat litter box

Automatic Cat Litter Reviews

Want to buy an automatic self-cleaning litter box? Here are 3 of the best automatic cat litter reviews — high-tech cat litter boxes that clean themselves. We have hand-picked three of the most popular cat boxes in this category and explain their different features.

Litter Robot LRII reviews - Automatic Cat Litter Reviews1. Litter Robot LRII Bubble Unit, Black

This litter bot actually cleans itself every seven to 10 minutes. It works very well with almost any brand of clumping litter and also keeps pet odors to a minimum. The noise that the motor makes when it cycles to clean the litter is a slight humming noise. I own one of these, and it has never bothered me or anyone in my family; but if you are a light sleeper, there is always the option of switching the unit off at night.

The Litter Robot LRII Bubble Unit is truly a state-of-the-art cleaner for your litter pan. It doesn’t rake the box out, it sifts the clumps out. Raking doesn’t do as great of a job that sifting will do. Obviously, raking can break up the clumps of feces and urine. Sifting will lift the clumps and make the cat’s potty area cleaner and more sanitary.

The machine deposits the spent litter into an everyday kitchen trash bag. Customers who have offered reviews of the Litter Robot have sometimes complained that there is an odor — this happens when you don’t regularly replace the litter. Using a quality brand of litter will also help with any odor problems. I like this model, and I’ve found that it’s worth the somewhat hefty price tag, especially considering customers’ generally positive automatic cat litter reviews.

  • Dimensions: 24x22x29 and weighs 29.2 pounds.
  • Also Included: 18-month warranty.
  • Recent Price: We found this on for $340.

Cat Genie 120 self-flushing2. CatGenie 120 Self-Washing Self-Flushing Cat Box

This is an amazing cat toilet and is really self-washing and flushing. However, you should know that setting up the CatGenie 120 takes some effort. The unit needs to be hooked up to water and electric. There is also a tube that acts as a sewer pipe, which drains the waste material into your regular toilet — which you must then manually flush.

I have had issues with the CatGenie 120 litterbox. Personally, having my kitties in a box where both water and electricity flow is not a good thing. My cats will chew on wires, and I don’t trust that it’s safe. In trying out this product, I also found that the tube that runs to my own toilet was an issue. This sewer line doesn’t really attach to anything. The cats can bat at it until all the waste material runs all over the floor.

That said, the litter pellets do get sanitized with a special cleaning solution automatically, which will eliminate all odors and germs. Oftentimes, however, the cats drag the pellets out of the box with them. (To make this worse, the pellets actually hurt when stepped on with bare feet, even more so than regular litter.) The toilet does dry the pellets to get them ready for your cat’s next use. Any fecal material stuck in the box will create a malodorous problem throughout your home.

  • Dimensions: 25.8×22.4×13.8 and weighs 40 lbs.
  • Also Included: CatGenie120 cartridge.
  • Recent Price: We found this on for $271.

ScoopFree SX2 self-cleaning cat litter box3. ScoopFree SX2 Ultra Self-Cleaning Litter Box

The ScoopFree SX2 Ultra will give you the luxury of not touching your pet’s waste. The machine rakes through the litter 20 minutes after your kitty visits it. All waste gets stored in a disposable litter tray that you just pick up and toss out. The tray needs to be replaced only every few weeks, which saves you time and money. The biggest complaint that consumers have is that the trays are a little costly — about $9 each. But keep in mind: three weeks’ worth of litter would cost that, and you would have to scoop, dump and wash the potty box.

Unlike with standard models, cats acclimate to the ScoopFree SX2 Ultra Self-Cleaning Litter Box quickly and without accidents. My cats had no problem switching to it. I found that setup was a snap; a child can do it. The manufacturer also provides buyers with a one-year money-back guarantee. Not only do I love mine but so do my cats. When cats are thrilled to use a litter box and also like to watch the rake go through it, it is a good thing.

  • Dimensions: 28x19x17 and weighs 24.5 lbs.
  • Also Included: Hood, rake delay and health counter
  • Price: Around $137 on Amazon.
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